Mythros allows for you to assume the role of any heroic character you can think up. Our rich backstory and lore allows for you to build your own character and adventure with your friends, or kick back in one of the many taverns and social areas to play music, tell tales or plan new adventures.


Mythros is predominantly a social experience. Every feature is built around the aim to provide you and your friends (real world, or otherwise!) a space to explore, create stories and play together. Friends lists, Guilds and Player Housing all work together to make a truly social environment.


If content is king, Mythros can deliver! The world is teeming with quest-givers to aid, new dungeons to explore and repeatable content to revisit each time you log on.

The core content of Mythros is provided through our story-driven questing system. However each dungeon run, world boss and world location has a story of it’s own to discover.


For those wishing to test their skill on the battlefield, Mythros provides an in-depth Player vs. Player experience. Whether you wish to fight One vs. One in the arena, or hunt other players with a bounty on their heads, Mythros can provide a competitive environment.

Crafting Overhaul

Crafting is the backbone of Minecraft, and we’re not leaving it behind! Mythros provides a unique crafting system built on the core design of Minecraft, with more complicated recipes and crafting skills to level.

Going Forward...

Mythros will be FREE to play at launch. We are set on providing a fair and free experience for all players of Mythros, and all that will be required to play is a Minecraft account.

Currently, Mythros is in Pre-Alpha and is not available to play. For more information about early access to Mythros, please visit our store.

We aim to create a long-lasting community driven environment for you and your friends to complete new content, explore new lands and discover new skills within. For continued updates on our development, please consider following us on Twitter, YouTube or join us on our community forums!

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